Jun 30, 2011

Aspen Ridge: Who Are They?

Recently as a matter of interest, we took advantage of a rainy morning and paid a visit to one of our long-time purveyors: the gentlemen behind Aspen Ridge. Aspen Ridge, located in Orem, Utah, graced our path when Pizzeria 712 was first beginning. Our custom-built mirror in the dining area and all of the benches and tables were done by Aspen Ridge.  When Communal was nearing design and construction, we knew where to turn for help in creating the feel we were looking for.  The Aspen Ridge team didn’t let us down; they expertly crafted our Communal table, the elegant private-dining room table, the dish cabinets and the servers’ station.

Dave and Scott Brown are brothers who founded Aspen Ridge in 1995. Starting out, they mainly built furniture for professional interior designers, working to create spaces that were made for each other – including the furnishings.  Projects were often homes, vacation homes for celebrities (Will Smith, Celine Dion, Robert Redford, Donald Trump & others), boutiques, and etcetera. Preferring to work with reclaimed lumber and wood, they have taken the time to find old pieces of buildings that could still be worked with (as an example, the Communal table was built from fifty-foot tall pickle barrels from the Heinz pickle factory). After a time, they moved on to design furniture for the Sundance Catalog: beds and tables for the most part; until they started their own line.

Now, much of their work is custom designing for clients, like Heirloom Restaurant Group. They’ve also done many smaller scale projects including picture frames for LDS temples, young, local artists, professionals and in Dave’s case, his own paintings. Much of this work can be found at the Brownstone Gallery, located in Jamestown in Provo (Brownstone is owned by the Browns’ other brother).

As a recent project, they have been working on the Jeff Robison home for the Parade of Homes. Located in downtown Provo, it was built in 1890 and Scott and Dave worked alongside others to recapture this beautiful historical artifact. They replicated many of the original pieces, built the bookcases for the library and designed and built a new stairway.

Not only do the craftsmen of Aspen Ridge create beautiful works of art, everything they make is built to function. They just recently finished a new project for Pizzeria: a dish cabinet for the kitchen area. Below are work-in-progress photos Alyssa took.

~ photos by Alyssa Vincent

written by: Anna Jube


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