Oct 11, 2011

The Cafeteria Co. Partners With Vivint!

Did you know that Heirloom Restaurant Group has been working to infuse our local and sustainable commitment into the corporate workplace around Utah for the past two years?  Operating as Cafeteria Co., we began managing the employee cafe at MonaVie in summer 2010, and then the employee cafe at Vivint in July, 2011.

At Cafeteria Co., our mission is ever present in our minds and always visible to our team and guests. ¬†That’s our mission to:

Build community in partnership with companies that value their employees and recognize a place of work is another home.

Provide nourishment through delicious, fresh and locally sustainable foods to energize people in body and mind.

Create common ground in places where people gather to develop relationships and generate new ideas.

That mission is the driving force for Heirloom’s Jason Talcott as he directs the efforts of his Cafeteria Co. team in the Vivint employee cafe. We’d love to share a bit of Jason’s vision and philosophy:

Jason Talcott, CEC, Cafeteria Co.
My goal with Heirloom Group’s new venture, Cafeteria Co., is to break the mold of managed food service and cafeterias in general. I think there is room in the market for a company that does business a bit different and that pushes the boundaries of what cafeteria food is. That’s not to say that I want the food to be avant garde or ultra cutting edge. We need to stay true to the Heirloom philosophy of fresh, sustainable and approachable. However we want to do it better, fresher and in a more inviting atmosphere than anyone else. We want to develop deep relationships with our clients, to not only give them amazing, beautiful food, but to do it in a way that is both ethical and creates a sense of community.

As we grow this portion of our company, I envision a business that meets the needs of its clients by maintaining the small company feel of a one-off, chef driven concept. A company that is driven at the unit level by the creativity of its on-site chef and the desires of the client rather than a corporate formula; the only mandate being that we create beautiful food that is sustaining, nourishing and remarkable for both its simplicity and care with which it was prepared.

We sure hope to continue serving our community at work and at play for many years to come!

~ photos by Alyssa Vincent

Written by:
Julie Dayley


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