Jan 11, 2012

Forecast: A Month of Mist for Salt Lake

Pop up restaurants.  An extraordinary dining experience here today and gone tomorrow.  Culinary super-star talents free to be expressed outside the demands of a permanent establishment and with a full force of creativity focused on a preset many-course meal.  Artists and designers collaborating to set the stage.  We love the entire idea behind pop up restaurants and expect to be thrilled by The Mist Project.

Mist:SaltLake  Jan 19 – Feb 19

Rumor has it local chefs, like Heirloom’s own Colton Solberg and Joseph McRae, will be making drop in appearances on certain nights to put their own spin on the party ball.  So fun!  Monday, Jan 23 is when you’ll find Colton and Joseph at Mist:SaltLake helping bring this 15 course delight to life for the night’s lucky guests.

If you’re interested, reserve your spot ($150 + gratuity) among the happy few as some nights at Mist:SaltLake are already booked.  With the Sundance Film Festival underway, a full sell out is anticipated.

Bon appetite!

Written by:
Julie Dayley


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