Jan 24, 2012

Go Low and Slow for a Quick Lunch at Communal!

It’s called the “lunch hour” for a reason … everyone’s usually on a pretty tight lunch schedule, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience something that took hours of thoughtful preparation and care in bringing the perfect ingredients together for one purpose — your delicious, quick, slow food lunch.

Berkshire pulled pork sandwich - $7

Enter our Berkshire pulled pork we’ve smoked out back at a low temperature for hours to get that tender yet firm pork texture and sweet smokey flavor that can’t be beat.  Set atop a grilled Provo Bakery sourdough bun topped with house coleslaw and served with our pickled red onions and zucchini, this sandwich is anything but fast food.

You’ll be in and out of Communal fast enough to take your time while you’re here to savor the tastes of slow food served quickly.  So rush in, relax and enjoy.  Low and slow is waiting for you.

Written by:
Julie Dayley


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