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Oct 31, 2007


Oh, how they grow. This is phase two of our oven. What you can’t see in these pictures are the strong, handsome gentlemen who hauled all this concrete.

By the time you read this, there will be a fresh coat of delicious new asphalt were this dirt lays. As Joseph and I were discussing the various properties of asphalt we realized we didn’t know as much about it as we would like. So with some help from Wikipedia—Asphalt or bitumen can sometimes be confused with tar, which is a similar black thermo-plastic material produced by the destructive distillation of coal. The primary use of asphalt (bitumen) is in road construction, where it is used as the glue or binder for the aggregate particles. The road surfacing material is usually called ‘asphalt concrete’ in North America or simply ‘asphalt’ elsewhere. The apparent interchangeability of the words ‘asphalt’ and ‘bitumen’ causes a lot of confusion outside of the road construction industry despite quite clear definitions within industry circles. Huh.

Oct 16, 2007

We’re In Labor… So To Speak

Our wood fired oven was born today. October 15th, 2007. 2560 pounds and some ounces. 24 square feet. It is a beauty.

Oct 10, 2007

One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Pizza

As many of you have heard we are decorating the bathrooms of the pizzeria with cement countertops and today was D-day. We had been postponing the project for quite a while on account that none of us know diddly about cement, or even how to swing a hammer for that matter. Nevertheless, and with a little positive coaxing from C-TRAIN’S Dad, we forged ahead and hopefully made a little bit of history. Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Trying to get our mix on.

Mixing, mixing, and more mixing cause that’s how we roll.

These are OUR melamine forms. Stop drooling over their awesomeness.

Adding steel mesh to strengthen the countertops.

Yes, they are kind of like cakes, big cement cakes.

Oct 08, 2007

You can almost smell the pizza baking

This is an historic day for all those eagerly anticipating the opening of the pizzeria … the long-awaited arrival of our beautiful Mugnaini 24 square foot Italian wood fired pizza oven (assembly required). We are very excited. Look for pictures next week as our mason begins construction inside the restaurant.

Future dishwasher of Pizzeria 712: Mr. Jacob McRae, cleaner extraordinaire…NOT!!

Oct 06, 2007

New Read

We just got a great new book in the mail today. Needless to say I was quite excited. I am always ready to get more insight into how Alice Waters thinks. Joseph and I had the opportunity to “Stage” there last year and the place is just beautiful. A warm wonderful kitchen, great cooks and office workers that shuck fava beans. On our recent trip back our waitress took us on a tour. It is a study on what a great restaurant is. You can sense the years of dedication to food and eating. Anyway, I have just peeked into the book but I already recommend it.

Oct 02, 2007

Moving Closer

Progress is being made. With the sheetrock going up it make the space seem more… spacious. We were out running around today looking at art, counter tops, paint. We stopped by the green building store and were planning on looking at some clay paint but ended up looking into doing plaster for the walls. The colors and depth were so beautiful that is seems worth the couple days work and inevitable paint in the hair. We shall see.