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Nov 30, 2007

Lunch… Anyone?

Come one, come all. Lunch is served starting Monday, December 3rd
11 am-3 pm. Click on image of menu to read it.

Nov 27, 2007


Nov 23, 2007

Update 11-22-07 (Happy Thanksgiving)

So close. Moved in the tables, chairs, reach ins, prep tables, ice machine, dishwasher, etc, etc ,etc…it’s starting to look like a restaurant now. The sign is aglow and so is our oven.

Nov 19, 2007


Here is a photo stitch of the pizzeria as of November 18th.

Nov 15, 2007

You can almost smell the pizza…

The restaurant nears completion as we near our inevitable opening date. I’ve stitched together some photos for a progress report. We are flattered to realize that folks as far away as Asia, U.K., and Italy are checking the blog. We plan to impress you all.

A view from the front door..

From the west patio doors..

Three tired guys..

Nov 11, 2007

Pizza oven… Check!

We have officially reached the point of no return. We have created a monster. Even if Midtown wanted to get rid of us (which they don’t because we rock)…they couldn’t. The 7000 lb. gorilla in the corner is now taking orders from us. Much thanks to our trustworthy mason, Clayton Chadwick.

Joseph playing in his fortress.

An updated picture of Midtown.

The first Pizzeria Seven Twelve family meal.

Nov 09, 2007

Our Oven, In All It’s Grandeur

We are setting our sights on done as far as our oven is concerned. We got the oven in place with a little bit of grunting.

Here is our progress in pictures..

Our always steady mason with the two goofballs. Brian sacrificed his victory picture for the team.

Joseph, giving his final blessing…

Other progress that is being made..