Nov 30, 2007

Lunch… Anyone?

Come one, come all. Lunch is served starting Monday, December 3rd
11 am-3 pm. Click on image of menu to read it.


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  • That menu is powerful; powerfully enticing. I’ll have one of everything.

    I can’t wait to get to Utah in a few weeks.

  • We will be ready and waitiing.

  • Menu looks great – hope to make it in for lunch today. I hope you guys are successful – Utah Valley needs a LOT more of this kind of thing.

  • Thank you. We couldn’t agree more

  • I ate there today! The white bean and duck soup is to die for.

  • DANG! I wanted to be the first one to YELP your new place. Next time I’m in UT Co, I’ll stop in, and then YELP it. Good luck joseph and friends!

    t adair

  • Just an idea, why not post the address on your sidebar? I dug through the site several times before I clicked on the photo for this post to view the address.

    We want to drop by, help us out by telling us where!

  • I wanted to tell you guys know I had a great experience at your resturant. The service and food were excellent. My husband and I love food so much we plan our vacations around it. It is nice to see buisnesses like this one do well in this area. I will be back soon.

  • everything is ridigerously deelish. i’ve been there twenty five hundred thymes. it’s now keeping me alive.

  • Thank you for your kind words. We love making pizza.

  • My mother & sister suggested your place to us. We came in last night before going to the Collective Soul concert.

    As I walked in I didn’t know what to think.
    I looked at your menu and then immediately decided the whole thing was pretentious as HELL!. The menu, the atmosphere, everything!

    I looked at the menu and didn’t know what all of those things were. (Am I supposed to speak Italian or what?!)

    I was not pleased at the thought of what the meal was going to offer. I was contemplating leaving my group to get a Steak Sandwich at The Italian Place.

    So we ordered. My brother and I shared a Pizza. By the time my wife’s food came (she got the appetizer with the bacon, sweet potato, pecans, etc) I had a taste of hers and was surprisingly impressed. Lots of flavor yet quite simple. As I remember, there was some quote up on the chalk board that mentioned something along the lines of cooking good food is easy with quality ingredients, or whatever.

    Once my pizza came out I was pissed it was so thin.
    But . . . . . It was good. Surprisingly good. Again, the flavor was impressive.
    Now that the pizza was good, the only thing I was pissed about now is that I had shared it with my brother.

    One last part. The water, the cups, the jug the water is poured from – pretentious!!! And I don’t even have this much anger against food places – at all! But this was BUGGING ME.

    We all had water. By the end of the night we had all drunk a lot of water. It was so good! I don’t even care about water, but this was good water – for whatever reason. I even started liking the little bottles they poured it from. The servers were always so prompt in refilling our cups too.

    So here’s what happened. I went P712 with a chip on my shoulder, for other reasons. Once I got there the place rubbed me the wrong way. Keep in mind now, I don’t try a lot of new places because I hate disappointment! Hate It! (if you stick with what you know how can you be disappointed? Right?). The menu was making me mad; the atmosphere was making me mad; everything was making me mad.

    Then something happened; morsels of food touched my tongue.

    Now, a stubborn person would deny it if the food actually were good – just for spite. Some people return clothing items for spite – but not me. I can be pretty stubborn too. But, I’m honest enough to give credit where it is due. The credit is due at P712.

    So, now it’s day two and what am I craving? You got it! Now I’m a fan. I liked everything about the experience, even though it came the hard way.

    I like that it’s small. I like the GQ servers. I like the “louder than normal” music. I like the hanging light over our table; the water jugs; the glasses; the silverware (thanks IKEA), and last but not least – the taste(forward slash)flavor.

    I’m no Anton Ego, but I will tell other people about this place (already have). But seriously, if there are a bunch of rats cooking the food in the back i’ll be pissed!

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