Nov 23, 2007

Update 11-22-07 (Happy Thanksgiving)

So close. Moved in the tables, chairs, reach ins, prep tables, ice machine, dishwasher, etc, etc ,etc…it’s starting to look like a restaurant now. The sign is aglow and so is our oven.


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  • Where does your name come from. Maybe you should put a post up about it on your blog.

  • Wow man, you guys are insanely close. I’m really bummed and sorry that I can’t be there tomorrow night. I look forward to stopping by a month later though.

  • Last night we had the pleasure of enjoying the cozy ambiance and REMARKABLE food at Pizzeria Seven Twelve. This place is something our community has needed for a long time. P712…where have you been? We are so glad you are here! DON’T miss this refreshing and incredible dining experience. You’ll definitely come back. (Disclaimer: this comment is in no way related to owners or relatives of P712. Just a very satisfied customer who will frequent P712.)

  • Joe, it was so nice to have received your opening card about your new restaurant! I am so glad you sent it. Deborah and I will have to plan a trip to Utah to see you and dine here! Adam O

  • Fantastic food, we’re going again tonight!! Best of luck. Thanks for gracing us with your food.
    Tom Taylor

  • Thank you everyone for your support. We love cooking for you.

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