Jan 13, 2008

…when are you going to expand?…

We’d be sitting pretty if we had a nickle (sitting on a pile of nickles will not change your physical appearance in any way) for every time someone has repeated this phrase in some fashion or another. Since our opening we’ve heard it from everybody…”when are you going to expand?” Our answer is simply…”never.” And the reason is also simple for those who will hear it. Bigger is not always better. We’ve taken stock over these last several weeks and renewed our pledge to provide you, our friends, with the most pleasurable dining experience we can offer. We feel the food that we are providing is extraordinary and the service is getting better every day. It is our mission to drastically mend the thoughts and ideas that our community has… not just about dining, but about the entire process of food from its beginnings in the earth to its edification of our bodies. We desire all to partake of the richness, and hopefully, also, to impress ourselves along the way.


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  • No need to expand. The experience you provide is perfect, and your reasons for doing things the way you do are worth sticking to.

  • hear hear. every time i’ve gone in, someone in our party has said the same thing. and i’ve responded with your answer. thank you for not planning to expand.

  • as long as there are seats for us, i’m happy. we love you guys! see you soon i’m sure.

    ps.. do you have any loe and the nastys on your playlist? i was listening to them last night and thought they would sound good in there.

  • Can’t WAIT to try you this weekend!

  • JeremyAndHisSnowCone

    Ooh this place looks good. I will have to stop by when I go up there to visit my family!

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