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Feb 13, 2008


We have many opportunities throughout the day to ask and answer questions. What kind of questions you might ask? Let’s discuss. Do you do “take-out”? Hmm, good question. Yes, we are capable to do “take-out” although our food and especially our pizzas do not travel well. What we would like to see is for pizzas to get from our oven to your table in just enough time to slightly burn your hand when you go to pick it up. While some of the other menu items are not in need of so much immediate attention they don’t get any better as time goes on. This is not to say that when you take your few slices home after a lovely meal here that they won’t still be delicious cold out of the box, they will, but it just isn’t the same. We want everyone to be able to experience the immediacy of seeing us, seeing the oven, seeing their food on their table. So you can see why we feel that doing “take-out” doesn’t best represent who we are. But wait, you said you are capable of doing it. Yes, that is true. We have boxes, we have pizzas and I love to make them. So where does that leave us… We can do “take-out” when we are not too busy and you are willing to come in and order. We don’t take orders over the phone for a few reasons. One, it is not the most accurate and safe way to get what you have in your mind to eat into your belly. Two, we want to make sure that those people who have waited to get into the restaurant get their pizzas as soon as possible and aren’t displaced by someone who just calls up to get a pizza(ie. no butting). Third, our oven doesn’t get bigger as we get busier. This relates back to number two, those people who are in our restaurant take priority over those who aren’t. Now I know there will be people who say, I know how phenomenal your restaurant is and I know I can’t get anything like it anywhere else and I am on my way home and I WANT SOME PIZZA! I can understand. I have a baby at home and it is nice to be able to stay home and eat some delicious food without having to cook it. The simple truth is that we will not be able to accommodate everyone in every situation. It is not because we are mean people, we are just people.

Feb 01, 2008


What is it they say about change. We are embracing this inevitable beast and turning its power loose on our daily desire to eat something delicious. What a joy it is to see something new on a plate. To watch it make its journey to someone who it tasting it for the first time. We thank you in advance for being a part of this constant evolution and look forward to the continued surprises that lie ahead.