Feb 13, 2008


We have many opportunities throughout the day to ask and answer questions. What kind of questions you might ask? Let’s discuss. Do you do “take-out”? Hmm, good question. Yes, we are capable to do “take-out” although our food and especially our pizzas do not travel well. What we would like to see is for pizzas to get from our oven to your table in just enough time to slightly burn your hand when you go to pick it up. While some of the other menu items are not in need of so much immediate attention they don’t get any better as time goes on. This is not to say that when you take your few slices home after a lovely meal here that they won’t still be delicious cold out of the box, they will, but it just isn’t the same. We want everyone to be able to experience the immediacy of seeing us, seeing the oven, seeing their food on their table. So you can see why we feel that doing “take-out” doesn’t best represent who we are. But wait, you said you are capable of doing it. Yes, that is true. We have boxes, we have pizzas and I love to make them. So where does that leave us… We can do “take-out” when we are not too busy and you are willing to come in and order. We don’t take orders over the phone for a few reasons. One, it is not the most accurate and safe way to get what you have in your mind to eat into your belly. Two, we want to make sure that those people who have waited to get into the restaurant get their pizzas as soon as possible and aren’t displaced by someone who just calls up to get a pizza(ie. no butting). Third, our oven doesn’t get bigger as we get busier. This relates back to number two, those people who are in our restaurant take priority over those who aren’t. Now I know there will be people who say, I know how phenomenal your restaurant is and I know I can’t get anything like it anywhere else and I am on my way home and I WANT SOME PIZZA! I can understand. I have a baby at home and it is nice to be able to stay home and eat some delicious food without having to cook it. The simple truth is that we will not be able to accommodate everyone in every situation. It is not because we are mean people, we are just people.


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  • Just because the world is changing all around you doesn’t mean you have to keep with the tide. The first day I see the stalls out front marked with “car side to-go” signs, I’m boycotting your place for a week (mostly because I don’t have a car, and that means you love those with cars more than me.)

    I just think that you’re absolutely right, I cook to see the smile it brings to someone’s face. Culinary arts is something I pursue out of selfishness; I love seeing that first bite, when with out a person knowing it their whole face is overcome with love, gratitude and desire towards me (or at least that’s the why I like to interpret it.) Don’t give that moment up for any pompous American who has been trained to sacrifice experience and quality, for speed and mediocrity.

  • a not so desperate housewife

    I finally made it down to P712 this evening and you exceeded all my expectations. I couldn’t fathom that I was sitting in Orem eating food that was so enjoyable. I hadn’t eaten food that great in Utah since I don’t remember when. And I loved everything…from the Alice Waters quote, to the short rib that fell apart when I nudged it with my fork, to the blue cheese in my salad that made me realize roasted squash is creamy…thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • It’s good to see real quality food coming to Utah County 🙂

  • By the way, I’m going to comment on the graham cracker recipe:

    -First off, they were easy. Even with just a basic knowledge of cooking (that meaning you can actually follow a recipe) you could master those.

    -Second, that’s not your typical recipe. I made cookies twice your size, and it made 40 of those. It grew out of my kitchen aid to the point where I had to grab the biggest bowl in my kitchen to mix the wet and dry ingredients by hand. That rocked! I had hordes of delectable and adorable cookies.

    -It preps and cooks up amazing.

    -They taste even more amazing.

    So pretty much I love stealing recipes from you. You should post more. Actually screw that, I want you on speed dial so that when I’m at the grocery store and think “humus” I can call and get a shopping list and recipe. And then at two in the morning the next day when I look in my fridge and all I can find is humus I can call and get recipes to use it in.

    Actually that sounds like Dex-On-The-Go for cooking. You should start that with your collective genius.

    I’m done babbling on your page.

  • birdonthelawn

    and i am in love with you people! way to go! i posted a little ditty about ya’ll on my bloggity today. thanks for making our anniversary so memorable and special.

  • Don’t change a thing. I finally had a chance to stop by and I like the fact that you’re a smaller restaurant and that you pay attention to quality. We don’t want you to become CPK (where they have boxes, take out, etc.) Just keep up the good work. I’m also glad to see that you too are fellow food bloggers. Check out my review of your place at cougareats.blogspot.com

  • I like your list of your favorite places. What do you two like in the Utah Valley region? If we’re not eating at 712, where else should we eat?

  • To Gary & birdonthelawn. We have checked your blogs out. Thank you. As far as eating in Utah Valley… I like Bombay House and Bangkok Grill. I also like Nate’s Diner on 3rd south in provo for a standard diner breakfast. A dog from J dawgs always hits the spot as well. That is about all I can think of right now.

  • Count me as one of those disappointed at your dine-in-or-else-we-may-or-may-not-be-able-to accommodate-you policy. Don’t get me wrong–I’m thrilled that you exist. I’ve already recommended your restaurant to a lot of people even though I have yet to eat there. However, I was hoping to stop by and order take out (even if it means the pizza may not be at the ideal temperature when it reaches my house). If someone wants to wait their turn like any dine-in customer, I don’t see why they shouldn’t be systematically welcomed and served.
    And Celeste—“Culinary arts is something I pursue out of selfishness…?” wow! that strikes me as a bit on the pompous side, not to mention creepy. Your erroneous assumption that someone wanting take-out is pompous and has been “trained to sacrifice experience and quality, for speed and mediocrity” is condescending and misplaced. I hope that isn’t the attitude of Pizzeria Seven Twelve.

  • To Anonymous:
    We’ve no problem with someone coming in and waiting to get a pizza to go. In fact we do that quite regularly. The problem is, most don’t want to wait the true time that it will take to get their pizza when we are busy. In addition to that you are not truly “waiting your turn”. If you were to wait in the lobby for 45min.-1hour then come in and place your order, then wait the 30-40 minutes for you pizza then that would be equitable to those who wait for a table and then begin the anticipation of a beautiful meal to come(this usually taking around an hour for salads, pizza and dessert). Call us crazy but I just don’t see you wanting to do that. So if we were to allow you to bypass all of those kind gentle souls who wait patiently to sit down and put your order in right away, not only would you get it and leave before they sit down but they would wait longer to sit down because instead of making pizzas for tables in the restaurant I am making yours, thereby making those table take longer, thereby making those waiting wait longer… I hope this helps shed some light. Like I said, we’re not mean people, just people, but then you will have to stop by and see for yourself if you want to really know.

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