Mar 21, 2008


We are changing our saturday lunch hours. We will now be serving lunch from 12-3 on saturdays. Hey, who doesn’t want to get a little extra sleep before bellying up to a nice hot panini?

We recently were reviewed in the Salt Lake Tribune. Needless to say we were quite excited, take a look.


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  • We visited the restaurant for the first time tonight and my mind is still fizzy with pleasure. So delicious. We have dubbed Pizzeria 712 our new favorite restaurant and we’ll be back to see you often. Thank You!!!! The Nelson Family.

  • Thank you for coming in, it is our favorite restaurant too.

  • What a dazzling review. I’m quite happy for you! Of course I totally agree.

    I have a question for my culinary genius friends: In Alice Waters gastronomical tour of the continent she says the best food she ever put in her mouth, and the favorite by far after going to them all was Fr├ędy Girardet in Switzerland. Being that is where I am off to, I’d be more than happy to shell out 300$ of my hard earned money for such a volatile experience as eating there. My only problem is that now that I look for it, I have the premonition it may have closed in 1996. I can’t find out for sure, but do you know anyone who may know?

  • Girardet has retired but his restaurant remains with new owner Philippe Rochat. Also Rochat worked under Girardet for years.
    Some say it is no longer in the same league as before.

  • Thank you so much for your help! I knew I loved all of you for a good reason!

  • Hey Colton! Congrats on the success of the restaurant. It’s all the rave among my family members right now….next time I head west, I’ll be there! (and why didn’t the rest of us in the family get the culinary genes? I can make a mean chocolate chip cookie, but I’m afraid it stops there.)

  • Emilie & Branden

    I’m making a post about you on The Daily Cool!!! Danny Hurley brought me there last week. So yum!

  • Daniel and Michele

    Hi Colton-congrats on the restaurant! It looks so lovely! Daniel and I wish we were eating your pizza right now!!! We might be coming to Utah this summer-so pizzeria seven twelve will definitely be on our “to do” list!!! Colton, your dear wife always leaves such sweet comments on my blog, and I have been going crazy trying to find a way to contact her and am now having to resort to asking you to give her my e-mail: I know it’s not wise to post your e-mail on the web like this, but as I said, I’m desperate!!! Hope you guys are doing well!

    Love from
    Michele Everett

  • website looks awesome!

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