May 14, 2008

All Words, No Play

What is with all these words and no pictures. This is a question I ask myself. Sometimes I forget that to have truly insightful, engaging and otherwise beautiful shots of the Pizzeria in action that they must first be taken. So, I have put my camera inside my shoe as to not forget it tomorrow morning. We will be getting a delivery of plants/trees that we bought last week to get the patio all gussied up and ready. It proves to be exciting.


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  • Anthony Holden

    I ate at your restaurant for the first time today at the suggestion of two close friends (who also happened to be with me and picked up the bill–I know, what great people). Anyhow, it was totally fabulous and I don’t think I’ve touched back down to land yet. Keep up the great work and when my son is old enough to leave the house, I’ll bring him with my wife–table for three, please.

  • We are pleased you enjoyed yourself. Thank you for coming in and letting us know how it was. We will be ready for your return whenever you are.

  • heartoftheartichoke

    I absolutely love your restaurant and just finished gushing about it on my blog:
    I plan to send anyone who will listen to me to eat at your restaurant. I’d love to have you check out my review and post any comments you may have.
    Thanks for bringing great eating to Utah Valley.

  • Really enjoyed the food at your restaurant. My only suggestion would be to update your website lunch menu to reflect the prices that are actually on your lunch menu, which are higher. Tasty food though!

  • To anonymous,

    We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you with the discrepancies between the prices on our website and our actual prices. We have been working hard since our opening to balance our food costs and ensure our prices reflect an honest representation of our products. Obviously we hope to make a profit but it is important to us that we keep our quality as high as we can while keeping our prices as low as possible. We hope you will feel and recognize those efforts when you are here. Thank you for your invaluable comments.

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