Jun 08, 2008

“Will the real Coca Cola please stand up?”

In our ever-increasing efforts to offer higher quality products and after months of discussion, we’re offering Coca Cola from the bottle at Pizzeria Seven Twelve. A simple matter of ingredients is at the heart of this decision. Coke from the bottle is made in Mexico and sweetened with cane sugar. Coke made in the US is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, a derivative of corn which the US government subsidizes, which enables giant US food producers to cash in while offering sub-standard flavor. Now for us it’s not so much a political issue as it is a taste issue. In essence, Coca Cola from the bottle tastes better.


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  • It is all in the details! Way to go!

  • This is fantastic news.

  • This makes me very happy and want to come for dinner even more (which I didn’t think was possible)

  • too sweet for me.

  • now we just need to only have bottled soda.

  • amen to that – the only soda that we drink in my house is mexican coke and guarana.

    my husband and i visited your pizzeria last week and were very impressed. i saw your spot on abc and was excited about your commitment to sustainability. your restaurant is definitely one that we can feel good about supporting. we will definitely be repeat customers.

  • Now all you need is Cricket Cola and you will not only be the best place in Orem but you will serve the most eco-friendly and taste bud-friendly sodas on the planet.


  • Jason Maestri

    What a terrific place! My coworkers and I are there at least once a week, and we love it. You will, hopefully, be pleased to know that we did a review for you on UTasty.com. Hopefully we can drive some more business your way. Keep up the good work!

  • seriously guys, time to update the blog.

    it’s not like you are THAT busy being chefs and shopping at costco.

  • Meikel & Luke

    J & C so lovely to see you both this week! I promised Joseph that I would comment, and here I am!

  • Nothing says I love America like importing Coca-Cola from Mexico

  • I stopped on over from another blog and saw this post right away! I run a gourmet hot dog stand http://www.tastyfranks.com and we only serve bottled sodas with our dogs! Among those, is of course, the amazing Mexican Coke. I have never liked Coke until this kind…Way to Go Pizzeria Seven Twelve.

    And P.S. Costco offers a lower purchase price per case than even Coca-Cola itself!

  • One of the great things about Mexico is they recycle their glass coke bottles by reusing them after they’re re-sterilized. However, that is not the custom in the USA, and there are no glass recycling plants in the state of Utah. What are your plans for the glass bottles once customers have used them?

  • Leah/ Texas/ United States

    that’s interesting, i did not know the formulas were different from country to country. thanks for sharing!

  • To our anonymous answer seekers…
    It is true. There is no good system for recycling glass in Utah. Why we are not able to get Coke products made with real sugar here in the States is perplexing to me. Without that process there is no way to reuse the bottles here. So until we can work out a better solution we throw them away just like the beer and wine bottles. We know it stinks and we will work on it.
    Oh yeah… who says everything we do has to say “I love America”

  • now if we could just get some limes…

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