Feb 03, 2010


Pizzeria Seven Twelve is a place to gather together and share an eating experience and because of this fact we are going to be changing the structure of our menu. Starting later this week we will be offering 6 appetizers on our dinner menu. The fact that they are simply prepared and priced in the $5 range makes them perfect for sharing, giving you the chance to make your mouth happy (not that it wasn’t already). We’ll see you soon…


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  • Love the new appetizer options and the new potato pizza is divine, but I'm heartbroken to see the beet and goat cheese crostini go. That one was heaven (and I don't normally even like beets). I think you need seven apps not six. Seven is a good number. 😉

  • "when tastiest ingredients, very simply will be extraordinary"

    Kudos to the photographer!
    Very well played indeed!


  • thanks for your support Doctor, we love you guys.

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