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Oct 27, 2010

October Dinner Club at the Pizzeria

For all of you unlucky enough to be out in the cold and unexpected flurries tonight, you may want to consider coming to the next Dinner Club, because we were nice and warm and full of amazing food.  The menu for this evening had three courses.  The first was a salad with shaved fennel, granny smith apples, celery stalk & leaves, Moroccan oil cured olives, and shepherds goat cheese dressed with a sherry vinaigrette.  The second course was a braised short rib stroganoff atop spaetzle, carrots and caramelized onions.  The third course was the dessert and cheese course with an amazing apple pie made with Jonagold apples from Allred Orchards and a side of vanilla ice cream and Prairie Breeze Cheddar cheese.  The entire meal just felt like pure Autumn and comfort.  If food could be a warm soft blanket this meal was it.

Oct 23, 2010

Get Inspired!

I had the pleasure of trying some heavenly salads at Communal a few weeks ago.  One of which had perfectly tender beets with pecans and the creamiest goat cheese all over the most beautiful bed of greens.  This salad could be a meal all on it’s own & it was under $10.  This salad was just what I needed to get me back into my kitchen over the weekend and it got me excited about trying some new things with my daily greens. One of my favorite things about this time of the year in Utah is how much fresh local produce there is.  One of my favorite places to get fruit is the Allred Orchard barn on University Ave in Provo.  They always have amazing peaches and apples but this year they had a special treat that they have not had in the past.  Raspberries!  After getting an entire flat along with a box of peaches and having hardly any room in my fridge… I realized I needed to get creative with our Sunday dinner.  I pulled out the only greens I had which were a few heads of leafy Romaine. I tossed together my lettuce, peaches, and raspberries with a little chicken, some tiny diced onions and sprinkled some toasted sesame seeds and Pecorino Romano cheese on top.  I did a really simple balsamic dressing with a good olive oil, whole mustard seed, fresh cracked pepper, sea salt and a little honey from Clifford Family Farms. It was a perfect post church meal.  Filling yet light and fresh.  I have to say thank you to Communal for helping me to be a little more creative in the kitchen and inspiring me to take advantage of fresh local produce.  If you are ever feeling a little boring when dinner time rolls around maybe you need to take a break and go on a dinner date to Communal.. I promise the rest of your week will taste so much better!