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Feb 28, 2011

Cast Your Vote Now!

Our friends at Forage in Salt Lake City, Viet and Bowman, are locked in a vise tight race for Food & Wine’s People’s Best New Chef title.  They are currently in 3rd place in a narrow race with voters in the population centers of New York City, the Northwest and Pacific Coast  logging on in droves to help their local Chefs.  The first round of voting ends Tuesday, 3/1 so cast your vote today!

Bowman Brown and Viet Pham of Forage

Viet Pham and Bowman Brown of Forage - well done guys!

Feb 25, 2011

What’s For Brunch at Communal … As Far As You Know!

Saturday brunch at Communal will feature our usual array of breakfast delights au naturale with a few lunchtime pleasures for those of you who eat your eggs at the crack of cockadoodledoo … whether that be after sleep or before.  Who are we to judge?

first seen on a menu in a Paris cafe in 1910, Croque Madame served this Saturday at Communal ~ photo courtesy Best in Chow

This week’s brunch menu could possibly and most probably will feature something like this … or not, depending on what we like to call “chef voodoo“!  Join us tomorrow to find out.

this Saturday

  • eggs Benedict with home fries, salad or fries
  • Croque Madame with home fries, salad or fries
  • tomato soup with grilled cheese


  • pastry love by Damien

our brunch selections feature:

Saturday brunch: 9 am – 2 pm

reservations are always a good idea

Feb 25, 2011

Salt Lake Magazine Names Communal Best Restaurant, Central Utah!

Wow!  Communal has been named by Salt Lake Magazine as the Best Restaurant in Central Utah.  What an amazing honor!  We appreciate this encouragement from our community as recognition that you value what we so enjoy doing in Historic Downtown Provo each day.

something nice to see on our wall

A hearty congratulations to our friends Viet and Bowman and their team at Forage for winning Best Restaurant in Salt Lake City. They are also nominees for the James Beard Award – Best Chef: Southwest and for Food & Wine’s – The People’s Best Chef’s, Southwest.  Please take a look and vote for them before next Tuesday.

Take a look at all of Salt Lake Magazine’s selections for the 2011 Dining Awards.

Feb 23, 2011

Going Local Pays Big

Many thanks to those talented and committed individuals who have undertaken local first campaigns! According to a recent national survey, communities that are going local are reaping huge economic benefits. This news is making waves everywhere – find out more in the Desert News and on KSL.

going local feels good

help spread the word

Check out Local First Utah to help our community cash in!

Other projects providing resources to help you develop the economy in your community are Slow Food Utah, Edible Wasatch, Utah’s Own and CSA Utah.

Can you add to this list?  Let us know if we’ve left someone out.

Feb 22, 2011

Your Cup of Tea!

Have you enjoyed a tea service at Pizzeria 712 or Communal? We proudly serve fine teas from Tea Grotto in Salt Lake City.

While visiting Communal, select from herbal infusions like Chamomile, Citrus Mint, Herbal Blueberry and Roobios Chai. You might also enjoy a Walnut Green or Earl Grey.

Pizzeria 712 features Ying Ming, a Chinese Black, and Genmaicha Green, a Japanese green tea with toasted rice which produces a nutty flavor.   Our tea selection is rounded out with Chamomile, Citrus Mint, Yerba Matte and Roobios Gingerbread.

Enjoy a pot of tea with us and be sure to stop by Tea Grotto on Saturday’s between 3 – 5 pm to enjoy a tea tasting.

So drop by or reserve your spot to enjoy a spot of tea!

Written by:
Julie Dayley

-photos by Alyssa Vincent

Feb 18, 2011

Saturday Brunch — Roll with Our Voodoo

Part of the voodoo that we do for Saturday Brunch at Communal are Chef’s “featured selections”.  When you roll in for brunch, you’ll be a happy victim of some Chef magic … but you might not know what it is ahead of time — and maybe we won’t either!  You see, our Saturday Brunch menu is inspired by what’s fresh and in the kitchen and our Chef’s creativity in using those ingredients for wicked-good brunch dishes.

On Saturday you’ll choose from a menu we don’t even print until Saturday morning – because our Chef is foxy like that.  We always try to do a blog post on Friday night previewing what Chef is thinking, but when the chef voodoo starts, we’re never quite sure where it will lead.  Kind of thrilling!

We do know one thing … you’ll love it and we’ll love seeing you!

Saturday Brunch: 9 am – 2 pm
Reservations are always a good idea

Feb 07, 2011

Valentine’s Day at Pizzeria 712!

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s Amore… at Pizzeria 712! Valentine’s Day is only one week away and we think you should bring your Amore to Pizzeria 712! We’ll be serving up the love off our menu with some specials on Valentine’s Day.

Pizzeria poundcake love!

Bacon is for lovers ~ share one of our squash and bacon pizzas with yours!

We hope to see you on Monday! Reservations are recommended.

Feb 04, 2011

Communal Saturday Brunch Welcomes Mimo!

That’s right!  We’ll begin mixing Mimosas at the crack of noon and continue through our brunch service each Saturday.  Enjoy a refreshing sparkling wine and orange juice with your Clifford Farms eggs and Communal love this weekend.

winder dairy orange juice and sparking white

Enjoy our take on this classic brunch cocktail for $3.  We hope to see you Saturday!

Reservations are always a good idea!

Saturday Brunch
9 am – 2 pm

Feb 04, 2011

Iced, Iced Baby! Get Your Perfect Iced Tea at Pizzeria 712 and Communal!

We’re brewing Republic of Tea iced tea at Pizzeria 712 and Communal for your refreshment and good health.  For maximum iced tea enjoyment we serve our tea in a Mason jar with simple syrup and an iced tea spoon.  No melted ice from turbo stirring trying to dissolve your sweetener! It’s perfect for you.

Fresh brewed Republic of Tea black tea, simple syrup for simple sweetening and a squeeze of lemon!

With squash and bacon pizza -- perfect! Bon Appetit!

We hope to see you soon!

Reservations and hours!

Feb 01, 2011

Cupid Feasts at Communal in 2011!

Yes, the Prince of Romance will be joining us for our Valentine’s Day Dinner Club and you should too. Communal Executive Chef, Ethan Kawasaki, has divined a menu that would satisfy the appetites of even Cupid’s parents, Venus and Mars.

Ethan wows Dinner Club New Year's Eve 2010

For Dinner Club, Ethan gets to focus his talents and your palettes on a very select menu.  We think you’ll love it. Dinner Club is one of our favorite nights at Communal and we think you’ll have a great time too.

The Valentine’s Day Dinner Club menu is featured at $50 per person.

First Course (choice of)

  • seared diver scallop, cauliflower puree, celery, apple, fried shallot
  • chinese 5 spiced pork belly, braised rice soubise, wild mushrooms

Second Course (choice of)

  • buttermilk fried quail, wilted escarole, potatoes, pickled red onion, maple vinaigrette
  • halibut in a parchment package, roasted sunchokes, fried capers, arugula, white wine – butter

Third Course

  • eclectic cheese platter

Fourth Course (choice of)

  • apple pie for two
  • chocolate Napoleon

We’ll also have a nice wine pairing option which Heirloom’s resident pairing expert, Scott Gardiner, is pondering now — we’ll be able to share his thoughts and selections with you soon.

We hope you join the Dinner Club this Valentine’s Day, we’d love to have you.

Book your membership with Megan