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Jun 30, 2011

Aspen Ridge: Who Are They?

Recently as a matter of interest, we took advantage of a rainy morning and paid a visit to one of our long-time purveyors: the gentlemen behind Aspen Ridge. Aspen Ridge, located in Orem, Utah, graced our path when Pizzeria 712 was first beginning. Our custom-built mirror in the dining area and all of the benches and tables were done by Aspen Ridge.  When Communal was nearing design and construction, we knew where to turn for help in creating the feel we were looking for.  The Aspen Ridge team didn’t let us down; they expertly crafted our Communal table, the elegant private-dining room table, the dish cabinets and the servers’ station.

Dave and Scott Brown are brothers who founded Aspen Ridge in 1995. Starting out, they mainly built furniture for professional interior designers, working to create spaces that were made for each other – including the furnishings.  Projects were often homes, vacation homes for celebrities (Will Smith, Celine Dion, Robert Redford, Donald Trump & others), boutiques, and etcetera. Preferring to work with reclaimed lumber and wood, they have taken the time to find old pieces of buildings that could still be worked with (as an example, the Communal table was built from fifty-foot tall pickle barrels from the Heinz pickle factory). After a time, they moved on to design furniture for the Sundance Catalog: beds and tables for the most part; until they started their own line.

Now, much of their work is custom designing for clients, like Heirloom Restaurant Group. They’ve also done many smaller scale projects including picture frames for LDS temples, young, local artists, professionals and in Dave’s case, his own paintings. Much of this work can be found at the Brownstone Gallery, located in Jamestown in Provo (Brownstone is owned by the Browns’ other brother).

As a recent project, they have been working on the Jeff Robison home for the Parade of Homes. Located in downtown Provo, it was built in 1890 and Scott and Dave worked alongside others to recapture this beautiful historical artifact. They replicated many of the original pieces, built the bookcases for the library and designed and built a new stairway.

Not only do the craftsmen of Aspen Ridge create beautiful works of art, everything they make is built to function. They just recently finished a new project for Pizzeria: a dish cabinet for the kitchen area. Below are work-in-progress photos Alyssa took.

~ photos by Alyssa Vincent

written by: Anna Jube

Jun 29, 2011

Welcome to the Heirloom Family Pleasant Creek Ranch!

For the past few months we’ve been pleased to feature locally produced, hormone free beef from Pleasant Creek Ranch in Sanpete County, Utah. Pleasant Creek Ranch has a vision and dream to raise their cattle from carefully chosen stock, then to control the entire process from birth to the end product. They say their greatest satisfaction comes from hearing direct feedback from those who actually consume their beef.

We’re very pleased to have Pleasant Creek Ranch as one of our local purveyors and you can enjoy their beef during dinner service at both Communal and Pizzeria 712.

~ photos by Alyssa Vincent

Written by:
Julie Dayley

Jun 29, 2011

House Smoked Sausage Pizza!

From Christiansen Family Farm to our wood-fired pizza oven and your table, we’re turning our house smoked Berkshire pork sausage into every meat lover’s dream.  Featuring carmelized onion, roasted fennel, mozzarella and Pizzeria 712 tomato sauce love, you seriously need to experience these layers of flavors.

~ photo by Alyssa Vincent

Written by:
Julie Dayley

Jun 17, 2011

“Tour de Coops” this Saturday and Next!

The “Tour de Coops” is a self-guided tour of some of the coolest urban chicken coops in the Salt Lake area. It’s a fun, affordable community event sponsored by Wasatch Community Gardens. You get a tour map and drive to people’s homes that have opened up their yards, gardens and coops to tour participants. It will be an excellent opportunity to check out unique coop designs and talk to folks about how they are raising their chickens, the breeds they raise and other backyard animals they have.

This year you have two tours from which to choose (or go to both!):

For Communal and Pizzera 712, we source our eggs from Clifford Family Farms because of all the benefits.  But with all the interest in raising backyard chickens you can discover how easy, fun and healthy having your own flock can be while on the Tour de Coops.

The yolk from a home-grown hen, right, has markedly more color than the store-bought egg at left. Photo courtesy of KSL.

Walk in coop. Photo courtsey of

Don’t be chicken — check it out!

Heirloom Restaurant Group blogger and chicken keeper, Julie Dayley, with the star layer of her four bird flock, Pearl, a Leghorn, in background.

Written by:
Julie Dayley

Jun 16, 2011

Father’s Day Contest Winners!

Our thanks to all those who answered our call to express the magic that is fatherhood in just ten words or less. You’ve all outdone yourselves and your submissions over the past week have kept our minds on the beauty and importance of Father.  As you’ll see in the excellent comments below, selecting just two winners was not easy. But, we said we would and so we have. The two winners of $50 Heirloom Restaurant Group gift cards are:

  • Joel R. Wallin “To give all while expecting nothing, also controlling the remote.”
  • Julee Kowallis “Ordering every appetizer available just to make his family happy”  (Of course this one would please us enormously)

Congratulations to you both, Joel and Julee.  Please contact me at with an address if you’d like me to mail your gift card OR if you’d like to pick it up at Pizzeria 712. If  you’d like to pick up your gift card at Communal just drop by anytime after 4pm today.

We’re happy to post all the excellent efforts for all to enjoy and be reminded of Dad!

  • Pat Eyler “helping your kids become better than you ever were”
  • Keith Kornelis “Showing the courage to nuture your children with Fatherly strength.”
  • Lindsey Rose Johnson “Frilly, pink, princess tea party attendee in shirt and tie.”
  • Yana Galitsyna “Blanket monster, climbing/hiking partner, guidance and good advice. :)”
  • Joel R. Wallin “To give all while expecting nothing, also controlling the remote.”
  • Heather Tenney English “Campouts, hikes, bike rides, and lots of love!”
  • Jennifer Johnson Galan “Eating more biscuits than is prudent or healthy…and thriving.”
  • David Eff Peterson “To provide guidance, support and unwaivering acceptance.”
  • Katie Ashby “my baby girl’s first love”
  • Chris Farley “Giving up sleep and sports for cuddling and Baby Einstein.”
  • Heather Stay Clarke “He gets home and everyone is happy :)”
  • Sam McRoberts “Loads of work/patience, never enough sleep, no more “vacations” :)”
  • Jenny Noonan Eckton “Deserving gourmet, Dad loves bacon and steak. Me? communal haikus.”
  • Krista “Dads know (and love) us better than we do ourselves.”
  • “T” My mom has had to be mom and DAD.”
  • Jeri Odendahl Huish “Dad can make you feel like, secretly, you’re his favorite.”
  • Becky Shippen-Olsen “Teaches us what’s right, loves us when we do wrong.”
  • Christian Christiansen “Celebrate my children’s successes and comfort them through failures.”
  • Erin Bourgeous “90% of it is just being there.”
  • Joel R. Wallin “To give all while expecting nothing, also controlling the remote.”
  • Heather Tenney English “Campouts, hikes, bike rides, and lots of love!”
  • Jill Langston Kaufusi “Kill routines, extend bedtimes, enhance cavities, more fun than mom.”
  • Matt Hemmert “To love unconditionally, correct and guide, and never give up.”
  • Will Beck  “Make my kids smile”
  • Emmy Diaz-Bradley “He works hard everyday to provide for his family.”
  • Natalie Hall Schofield “a dad is someone who is there. no matter what.”
  • Emily Godfrey Craig “Keeps mom sane, works and plays hard, inevitable hero.”
  • Lexi Crandall “being a dad means…. still being able to raise and teach their children through the life they led. after all that is all that my dad could teach with after he passed when i was 6. :)”
  • Anne Hedges-Moss”A dad leaves a lasting impression of bravery, goodness, love.”
  • Jeremy Andrus “Pancakes in the VCR; Oatmeal in my shorts; endless hugs.”

Written by:
Julie Dayley

Jun 16, 2011

Doug Soelberg Art Featured at Communal

For the past few weeks at Communal, we’ve been showcasing beautiful stained glass pieces and paintings done by Doug Soelberg, father of Colton.  In accordance with Fathers’ day, we had Colton write a few words about what it means to him to have his dad’s art displayed in his restaurant:

I grew up around my dad doing art.  On occasion we used to go with him to his “shop” late at night and pretend to be asleep in the back of our old Volvo station wagon while we watched him work.  He has always done what he loves no matter how hard it has been and that no doubt has influenced the path I chose as well.

With every new artist that hangs in one of our restaurants the space is transformed.  This is especially true this time at Communal. We have been blessed from the start to have his leaded glass above our windows but with the addition of art glass hanging in the big windows & the paintings on the wall he is single-handedly adorning our space.  It feels both very personal and exciting to have his work which is so familiar to me on display every day for all to see.

We also spent some time on the phone with Doug, interested to know where he began. He started working with stained glass shortly after graduating college. He’d always been fascinated by this area of art but had never learned anything about its process of creation, so when a friend went out of town and left him his equipment to work with, Doug took the opportunity and began experimenting. Having never cut glass before in his life, it’s not difficult to imagine some of the struggles he had in the beginning. Eventually though, after many long hours, he was able to start producing extraordinary works of art.

He’s done work for different LDS temples, several colleges and courthouses (larger projects which often included more 3-Dimensional types of art), custom designs for personal clients, and more. During the renovation of the Provo Tabernacle in the 1980’s, he replaced all the stained glass windows, a task which took about a year; unfortunately, only about 25 percent of those pieces were recovered from the fire this past winter.

Doug still does custom designing for clients and would be happy to receive calls from anyone interested in his work.

Contact him here:

Doug Solberg
Architectural Art Glass
Phone: (801) 636.1729

Written by:  Anna Jube

~ photos by Alyssa Vincent

Jun 13, 2011

New Corn Appetizer at P712

We’re beginning to reach that time of the year when our farmers’ best is ready for our kitchens. This week at Pizzeria we’re featuring a new roasted corn appetizer that goes hand in hand with the sunshine and blue sky we’re enjoying. This appetizer is quite simple (because that’s how we roll): corn on the cob covered with shallot parsley butter.  Superb! Don’t wait to try it; the menu tends to change as much as the weather and we don’t want anyone to miss out on this one.

Written by:  Anna Jube

~ photos by Alyssa Vincent

Jun 11, 2011

Race Day Brunch at Communal

To all you marathon runners/triathletes we hope today is your personal best.  We applaud your commitment and determination.

With all the excitement of race day in downtown Provo, we expect to see many hungry folks pass through our doors for brunch today.  If you are wondering what to do this morning, just head downtown to help cheer on the Utah Valley Marathon runners and stop in for something light or something hearty.  Then don’t forget to stop by the Provo Farmer’s Market.

And, there’ll be plenty of time to wander out to Utah Lake State Park to enjoy the buzz of the Provo Triathlon.

Our brunch selections this week:

  • eggs Benedict with home fries , fries or salad 11
  • country fried chicken, country gravy, Clifford Farm eggs with home fries, fries or salad 11
  • house made lox and bagel, lemon-caper cream cheese 8
  • blueberry shortcake 8

And, of course, you can also order from our everyday breakfast menu.

Communal brunch features:

Saturday brunch: 9 am – 2 pm

Reservations are always a good idea.

Written by:
Julie Dayley

~ photos by Alyssa Vincent

Jun 10, 2011

Antipasto at Pizzeria 712

Antipasto is a collection of fresh, organic and local ingredients created from what is on hand. Typically antipasto is small samples of delectable food items served as an appetizer.  This week our antipasto features Olli coppa and fresh cheese along with a daily accompaniment which varies depending on what looks delicious.

Olli coppa is from Olli Salumeria , a company based in Virginia who raises their own antibiotic-free, open-pastured Berkshire hogs.  They’re striving for 100% organic and nitrate free products in the future.  We applaud this effort and believe you’ll enjoy our antipasto with your next Pizzeria 712 meal.

antipasto shown features our hand-pulled mozzarella, Olli coppa, fresh greens, house nicoise tapenade and whole-grain mustard

~ photos by Alyssa Vincent

Jun 08, 2011

The Perfect Gift for Dad!

What Dad wouldn’t love a Pizzeria 712 and Communal gift card for Father’s Day?  We can think of no better way to express appreciation and thanks to all the renaissance Dads in our community who make an impact each and every day.  Stop in to Pizzeria 712 or Communal to purchase an Heirloom Restaurant Group gift card for your special Dad this year!

We would like to hear what you have to say about fatherhood so we’ll award $50 gift cards to the two best “what it means to be a Dad in 10 words or less” entries we receive.  Submit your entry on the Communal or Pizzeria 712 Facebook pages.  Awards will be announced on Thursday, June 16.

We will look forward to reading what you all have to say about the Fathers in your lives and then serving up some Heirloom love to them when they redeem their gift cards.

Written by:
Julie Dayley