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Mar 28, 2012

Cafeteria Co. Finding Roots at!

Last week Cafeteria Co. began feeding the good folks at, our third partnership with local businesses focused on the well-being of their empoyees … their community.  We couldn’t be more pleased!

Jason Talcott and the Cafeteria Co. team are excited to bring to the staff at their focus on simple and fresh dishes prepared from seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.  Catering Co. has been operating the employee cafes at Vivint and Mona Vie where we strive to extend the Heirloom commitment to building local agribusiness. Congratulations to everyone at and welcome to the Heirloom family.

Written by:
Julie Dayley

Mar 26, 2012

The Spring Edition is In!

Pick up your complimentary copy of Edible Wasatch Magazine at Pizzeria 712, Communal or Mountain West Burrito. Grab and dash or sit down to enjoy this beautiful and informative local publication with your meal!


Mar 24, 2012

Christine, Communal, Brunch!

That is a whole fine mess of goodness right there! Please enjoy the gorgeous photography of our friend, Christine Armbruster, while you consider your brunch choices for today.  We hope you have a marvelous weekend and that we see you soon.

photo appears courtesy of Christine Armbruster

And btw, if you’ve ever wanted to check out the Holi Festival of Colors at the Spanish Fork Krishna Temple, this weekend is your chance for the next year.  We highly recommend this Spring welcoming event!

Today’s brunch features:

  • brussels sprout, bell pepper, cauliflower hash, tomato jam, fried egg
  • crispy polenta cakes, roasted red pepper sauce, guacamole, salsa, fried egg
  • oven pancakes, fresh fruit

Communal brunch features:

Saturday brunch: 9 am – 2 pm

Reservations are always a good idea.

Written by:
Julie Dayley

Mar 21, 2012

Local Sources for Green Thumbs

McCoard's Garden Center

With a mild and temperamental winter seemingly behind us, we find ourselves realizing that Spring, if not having already Sprung, is certainly right around the corner. Those of us with Green Thumbs should be ready to get dirty because March is prime time to get going on preparatory projects in anticipation of a successful growing season.

A great place to get started is McCoard’s Garden Center in Provo. They always seem to have very healthy seedlings. Be certain to visit McCoard’s for specials, events calendar, and other valuable information. Other local resources include Vinyard Garden Center in Orem, Linden Nursery & Country Store in Lindon, and Cook’s Farm and Greenhouse in Orem.

Growing and eating our own food is the way to go, and now is an exciting time of year to prepare for a prosperous summer!

Written by:
Jenny Eckton

Mar 20, 2012

March Instructional Dinner

The longer day light hours and warm weather last Monday made for a wonderful evening with our friends who attended our March Instructional Dinner.  Sadly we were tricked into thinking Spring was here a little earlier than expected, prompting many Spring Fever foodies to get excited for the early season’s produce. Alas, not yet, but guests did learn how to prepare and take advantage of the seasonal produce available now.

Some tasty highlights from the evening were the fresh, bright green brussel sprouts, and the great fuji apples still available from Allred Orchards. Attendees also learned the art of achieving crispy skin on chicken thighs, as well as preparing farro with butternut squash and a creamy, smooth goat cheese puree which could delight even the pickiest of veggie eaters.

Join our Instructional Dinner in April and discover the amazing produce to come as Spring 2012 matures!

Instructional dinner at Communal (102 N University Avenue, Provo)

Monday, April 9
6 – 9 pm
Call Pizzeria 712 (801-623-6712) to reserve your spot!

~ words and photos by Alyssa Vincent

Mar 18, 2012

A New CSA Opportunity in Provo – La Nay Ferme!

We are enormously pleased to help spread the word of yet another growing agricultural business in Provo.  La Nay Ferme is offering CSA shares and much more.  Like them on Facebook to keep up with their efforts.

Subscribe to their email list to receive their article, The Power of Greens, which includes helpful links like this one on nutrient density of foods and how this affects our health.  We borrowed the following table and will refer to it often.


Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Micronutrient Scores by food - we like this very much!

Written by:
Julie Dayley

Mar 17, 2012

Hello Goodbye!

Our friend Suzanne Kershisnik will now only be seen at Communal enjoying a meal with family or friends as she is stepping over to Catering Co. for her next Heirloom gig.  Goodbye Suzanne!  Oh, hello Suzanne!  By the way, we think you look great in that chair by the window with several of your delightful kiddos, Noah, Eden and Leah.


Mar 15, 2012

Spring Chicks!

Go backyard local by raising your own laying hens.  It’s easy and fun.  The spring chicks are now available at IFA locations. You’ll find all kinds or great information and resources with a quick google search — urban chickens are all the rage.  You’ll love your eggs!

Written by:
Julie Dayley

Mar 14, 2012

Please Tell Governor Herbert to VETO HB 187

We recently wrote about House Bill 187 which seriously restricts access to farms and producers of our food supply.  We’ve learned that the Utah Legislature has passed HB 187 which now awaits Governor Herberts signature … or veto, we hope.

This bill gets to the heart of who Heirloom is in terms of our ability to support local farming & production.  We are all making our calls to the Governor urging him to veto HB 187 and we ask for your help again.

Millions Against Monsanto | Utah says:

“The Utah legislature PASSED HB 187 and it now awaits the signature or veto of Gov. Gary Herbert, a Republican. The bill proposes that taking a photo of a cow or an apple orchard is a class A misdemeanor, which is twice the punishment of a DUI. It should not be illegal to know what’s in our food! Please call Governor Herbert at 801-538-1000 and urge him to VETO HB187.”

At the heart of our business within the Heirloom Restaurant Group is the thoughtful selection of local, fresh ingredients.  We spend a large part of our days interacting with the farmers and producers of the food we feature on our menus.  We feel there is no other way to approach cooking and eating.  The slow food movement must grow and expand … not contract.  For this reason, we strongly urge you to become involved in the ongoing debate regarding House Bill 187 – Agriculture Operations Interference, or  “ag-gag” that was passed by the House and now the Senate.

Given our commitment to celebrate and promote local and sustainable agriculture, heritage foods and cultural traditions, we feel that this bill is a step in the wrong direction.

Read a recent opinion piece in the Salt Lake Tribune that discusses additional food safety threats from this bill.

Many thanks for your attention to this most important matter.

Written by:
Julie Dayley

Mar 12, 2012

Join us in Supporting the Unicef Tap it Project 2012!

Help provide safe, clean drinking water to children in over 100 countries.  Every day 4,100 children die from waterborne illnesses and Unicef is committed to doing whatever it takes to make that number zero.  We’d like to do what we can to help them reach their goal.

We have joined the Unicef Tap Project which is a nationwide campaign that will provide 40 days of drinking water for every $1 collected during this week long effort.  Beginning today when you visit Pizzeria 712 and Communal we’ll ask if you’d like to add to your check a donation of $1 or more for the water you usually enjoy for free.