Nov 16, 2012

Shift Your Spending Week


That’s how much money would be returned to the Utah County economy if every household in our county shifted just 10% of their holiday spending towards locally owned, independent businesses.

Local First has organized Shift Your Spending Week (November 23rd – December 1st), which is intended to keep more dollars in the local economy. More info (via Local First) below:

If every household in Salt Lake City shifted just 10% more of their spending to locally owned, independent businesses, $487 million dollars would stay in the Utah economy! $487 million! Imagine the impact if every household in the state shifted just 10% of their spending toward locally owned businesses.

That is the heart behind Shift Your Spending Week, which launches on Friday, November 23rd and runs until Saturday, December 1st. As the holiday shopping season begins, Local First Utah plans to conduct a thorough educational and marketing campaign to illustrate the value of locally owned, independent businesses to our economy and our community.

We’ll be organizing the Shift Your Spending Pledge, an opportunity for consumers to publicly declare their support for local businesses and to commit to shift a minimum of 10% of their holiday spending toward local businesses.

Additionally, we’ll offer businesses who sign up to participate in Shift Your Spending Week comprehensive branding and marketing tools designed to engage and educate customers about the vital role local businesses play in our economies and communities.

For more information regarding Shift Your Spending Week, or to sign up your business, please email


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