Jul 30, 2013

The Secret is in the Dough

Simple. Local. Inspired.

These are three words used to describe our restaurant Pizzeria 712. These words can also be used to describe one of the most important components of the restaurant … the dough.

All dough at Pizzeria 712 is made fresh, twice daily. The talented crew whips up 172 dough balls each amounting to 10 oz. everyday.

The flour for the dough comes from Central Milling in the Logan area. Chef Stephen Lott likes their flour because it’s consistent with protein content and quality. He’s looking for a flour with a high protein content because it helps build the gluten, which helps the dough structure and rising. Protein gives the final product a nice bready texture and the raised brown pockets always seen in a our pizzas.

Our recipe for the dough consists of flour, water, salt and yeast. That’s it. Simple and real ingredients for the best pizza possible. The process for making this fresh dough daily goes something like this:

Mix the flour, water and yeast together without the salt. (Salt will kill the yeast). Once well combined, increase the mixer to a higher speed and add dead dough. (Dead dough is dough from a previous day. This helps build the structure and add flavor). Next, add the salt. Hydrate the mixture with a little water.

This part can be tricky. Everything in the environment can effect the consistency of the dough. The amount of liquid added will vary depending on if it’s raining or if it’s really hot outside. So, the chef estimates on liquid and adds more water if needed.

The last time you were enjoying your meal at Pizzeria 712 did you notice an occasional drumming sound in the background? Here’s where that comes in. The speed is increased once again and in one to two minutes the dough will be slapping the bowl, letting diners know that the pizza they’re enjoying was made fresh. This whole process is building up the gluten in the dough, which is important for any good bread texture.

Next, the toppings are applied and the pizza slides into the high heat oven (seven hundred and twelve degrees to be exact). During the cooking process, the water expands in the dough and creates the raised little pockets. We love seeing those on the pizza. Pockets in the dough mean there is good bread structure.

The pizza is then delivered to your table to be enjoyed and remembered.

Our pizzas are constantly changing to highlight the best of the season. Come enjoy fresh made pizza with simple and freshly made dough topped with in-season local ingredients.


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