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Jul 30, 2014

A Day in the Life: Communal Server


Arrive @ 4pm

Prepare restaurant for dinner service

These preparations include: prepping bread service, setting tables, switching out plates for the chefs, folding napkins, and any last minute cleaning.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 6.47.03 PM

Confirm reservations

This is the time when we get to call all of our treasured guests and remind them of their reservations that evening. Not that they could forget, am I right?

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 6.52.20 PM

Stock beverages

We go through a lot of beverages each day. Whether we need to prepare more of our refreshing hibiscus Arnold Palmer, pick mint to be used in the fresh lime, make a steaming pot of Charming Beard coffee, or try out a new drink recipe for the staff to try at family meal, we have always got something brewing in the beverage department. Not to mention wine and local beer!


Family meal!

Our favorite time of day. This is when we get to sit down together as a family to try any nightly specials, discuss company philosophy, catch up with each other, go over our layout of tables for the evening, and generally laugh and have a good time. We also decide what playlist of music will be gracing our ears for the evening.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 7.01.12 PM


Come 5 o’clock, we are ready to start making some memorable food experiences. We love to share these with regulars and first-timers alike! We’re so passionate about our menu that all night you will hear us gushing over the watermelon salad, topped with pickled red onion, feta cheese and a cucumber-mint purée; fried chicken with a white bean and tomato ragout; or our crispy cubed polenta topped with a sweet corn relish! Top that all off with a butterscotch pudding with a chocolate cookie crust, salted caramel and whipped cream, and you are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face.


Closing time

After 10 pm when the last of our guests slowly start to trickle out the door, our real work begins. Turning the place back into the restaurant it was before service takes some work. You can find us sweeping, wiping, polishing, taking out garbage/recycling and, you guessed it, stocking more beverages! We tend to have a lot of fun while doing so and partake in discussion about food, music and the events of the night. After all is said and done, the restaurant is once again clean and peaceful. Although we are leaving, we can’t wait to come back the next day and do it all over again.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 7.03.45 PM

Jul 24, 2014

Local Feature: Flowers by Amelia


The beautiful floral arrangements at Pizzeria 712, Communal, and the Ancestry Shaky Leaf Café are made especially for us each week by Amelia Soelberg. We love the colors, scents, unexpected details, and variety of the arrangements and look forward to seeing what she brings every Tuesday. Millie told us more about her experience with floral design and what inspires her.


Have you always worked with flowers?
I’ve worked with flowers for about 18 years.


Where do you draw inspiration for your arrangements?
From [flowers] that are growing in my garden and from other designers.

heirloom florals_01

In the restaurants, our menus change seasonally to reflect what is currently growing and in harvest. What are your favorite seasonal blooms?
I tend to look forward to the shift in season and what new flowers will be coming generally.

Which do you most look forward to?
Lately I am excited about poppies and scabiousa.


What is your trademark? What is your favorite element of floral design?
I love to create a lot of texture in my arrangements, especially through the greenery. I also try to put something out of the ordinary with something familiar if I can.


Thank you Millie! You can see more of her florals on Instagram: flowersbyamelia.

Jul 03, 2014

Happy Independence Day!


Happy Independence Day! We hope you enjoy the long weekend and festivities happening around town.

The Heirloom restaurants are all CLOSED for the 4th of July. Mountain West Burrito SOC is also closed July 3. We will reopen on Saturday with our regular schedules, and SOC will reopen again on Monday.

Jul 02, 2014

Communal’s July Farm-to-Table Dinner

Farm to Table Dinners

Join us for Communal’s Farm-to-Table dinner on Monday July 14. We are featuring Zoe’s Garden in Layton, UT.

Since early spring of this year, Zoe’s Garden has been a wonderful source of produce. They also offer a year-round CSA program through their farm with pick-up locations throughout the Salt Lake Valley. In the last few months we have run several daily rotating vegetable bisque soups made from Zoe’s produce and other ingredients from Zoe’s have been part of many small shares on our dinner menu. We are excited about this farm-to-table menu which Chef Newman crafted with produce as his beginning inspiration.

We will be reserving seating from 6-9pm for that evening. Please contact us at 801-373-8000 or to reserve your place.

$38/guest for a four-course fixed menu:

First course
Chicken liver pâté with sweet cherry compote, sorrel, crispy toast

Second Course
Kohlrabi salad with sour apple, pea shoots, and caraway vinaigrette

Third Course
Grilled flank steak with creamy mustard greens, confit fingerling potatoes, crispy garlic chips

Dessert Course
Buttermilk panna cotta with strawberry, honey, edible flowers

Jul 01, 2014

Independents Week: The Science of Localnomics

We are proud to be a part of Local First Utah, an organization focused on promoting businesses in our own communities and neighborhoods. You may recognize the Local First logo from seeing these stickers posted on the doors and windows of many local businesses, including the Heirloom restaurants.

We are celebrating “Independents Week” with Local First, coinciding with Independence Day on Friday. Local First has compiled some amazing statistics showing the extent of the economic impact of local businesses, what they call “localnomics.” Their research has shown that when you spend $100 at a locally owned business, $55.40 will stay in Utah’s economy, versus only $13.60 for the same amount spent at a nationally owned retailer. Many local businesses work with other local businesses for everything from their creative services to financial services to their IT help. We identify closely with these ideas of cyclical support of the community; our relationships with local farmers and purveyors who provide us with produce, cheese, meats, and other ingredients work in the same way.

Local businesses bring vitality, economic growth, and unique experiences to our communities which cannot be replaced. We love being a part of the Downtown Provo, Orem, and Lehi communities where we can contribute in a meaningful way.