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Oct 29, 2015

Halloween at Communal

At Communal, we have decided that families are the most important priority in our lives. So we can spend more time with our families and friends, we are closing for dinner service on Halloween. Instead we will be spending this festive evening with those we care about and encourage you to do the same! Additionally, Chef Newman and Colton will be holding down the line during brunch service, giving our cooks additional time off, slinging holiday treats such as a fried pumpkin waffle with apple cider syrup in addition to our regular brunch menu. Bring in the family for brunch, and have a safe and fun holiday!



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Photo by Christine Armbruster Photography, taken on the local Snuck Farm.

Oct 08, 2015

New Ventures: Heirloom Restaurant Group and Blue Sparrow Hospitality

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After many, many amazing years working side by side, Colton & Joseph have decided to take the brave next step in each of their careers which means an end to their working partnership.  This partnership has been the genesis of so many great opportunities, not the least of which are Pizzeria 712, Communal, Mountain West Burrito,  Heirloom Catering & Heirloom Cafeteria Co.  These would never have come into existence if Joseph & Colton hadn’t met up and deciding to take the jump into the great and exciting unknown.

Now it is time for them to take another great leap, this time striking out on their own.  Joseph will be operating under his new companies name, Blue Sparrow Hospitality while Colton will keep his operations under the Heirloom Restaurant Group name.  Joseph will be taking over operations of Pizzeria 712 & Mountain West Burrito and Colton will be at the helm of Communal, Heirloom Catering and Heirloom Cafeteria Co.

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This change allows both of this fine gentlemen to continue the evolution of their companies and imbue them with even more of that special sauce that has made them so amazing already.  Joseph and Colton look forward to many adventures ahead and wish each other nothing but success for their future ventures.

-Colton Soelberg