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Oct 29, 2014

Midtown 360

Midtown360_01 Midtown360_02

Yesterday was a memorable day in Orem as we attended the re-groundbreaking for the Midtown 360 development. For nearly as long as we have been in our space at Midtown since opening Pizzeria 712 in 2007, the completion of the rest of the buildings had been halted due to a number of financial and legal complications. We are excited to see the energy and vision of the Ritchie Group and Evergreen Properties, who are taking over the development of Midtown. The name has been changed to Midtown 360—a reflection of this turn of events and a nod to the plans for a rooftop garden on the south building which will have beautiful panoramic views of Utah Valley. The final complex will house 550 apartments and 60,000 sq. feet of retail space. We are excited for the growth that will come to this area as a result.

Read more about the project in the Daily Herald and watch Joseph and Brian on the news!

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