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Oct 08, 2015

New Ventures: Heirloom Restaurant Group and Blue Sparrow Hospitality

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After many, many amazing years working side by side, Colton & Joseph have decided to take the brave next step in each of their careers which means an end to their working partnership.  This partnership has been the genesis of so many great opportunities, not the least of which are Pizzeria 712, Communal, Mountain West Burrito,  Heirloom Catering & Heirloom Cafeteria Co.  These would never have come into existence if Joseph & Colton hadn’t met up and deciding to take the jump into the great and exciting unknown.

Now it is time for them to take another great leap, this time striking out on their own.  Joseph will be operating under his new companies name, Blue Sparrow Hospitality while Colton will keep his operations under the Heirloom Restaurant Group name.  Joseph will be taking over operations of Pizzeria 712 & Mountain West Burrito and Colton will be at the helm of Communal, Heirloom Catering and Heirloom Cafeteria Co.

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This change allows both of this fine gentlemen to continue the evolution of their companies and imbue them with even more of that special sauce that has made them so amazing already.  Joseph and Colton look forward to many adventures ahead and wish each other nothing but success for their future ventures.

-Colton Soelberg


Feb 04, 2014

Ancestry’s Shaky Leaf Café: New Style of Service

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At’s Shaky Leaf Café we have been running a new style of cafeteria service for over a month. The change also saw some renovations of the space in the café and the new space is beautiful. This new style of service reflects the offerings that will be our standard for the Cafeteria Company moving forward. We have updated what was formerly a regimented, more limited system into an à la carte system, where Ancestry employees can mix and match what they order in the café, as well as choose their portion sizes with more flexibility.

The Shaky Leaf Café offerings include daily grill and protein specials; a lineup of composed salads featuring various grains, pastas, and seasonal produce; grab-and-go sandwiches, salads, yogurt parfaits; and a salad bar with a wide array of fixings. In addition to these offerings, Ancestry employees can also get fresh fruit, frozen yogurt, and cereal.

In introducing this new style of service, we have sought out other ways to make the experience better for Ancestry employees. We offer a payroll-deduct payment option, which makes eating in the café a seamless experience for Ancestry employees. We have also improved the layout and design of the café to better suit the flow of customers and allow for quick line times for employees who don’t have a minute to spare in their busy day.


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