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Oct 04, 2011

Won’t You Join Us at the Jacob’s Cove Barn Raising Event!

Our great friends, the Allred family, who own and operate Jacob’s Cove would like to invite people out to see what they’re doing to expand their operation this winter.  We’re excited to be involved in this fun-filled event.

Jacob’s Cove grows produce with sustainable and 100% natural, pesticide-free and chemical-free practices.  They operate a year-round CSA that serves roughly 400+ families in Salt Lake, Utah, Wasatch and Summit Counties.

They provide produce to fine restaurants including Sundance, Communal, Pizzeria 712, Promontory Club and is also sold at Real Foods Market in Orem, as well as the Downtown and Park City Farmers Markets.

Our  hope is that our local community will rally around and help support the farm and help raise the remaining funds needed for a new greenhouse to replace ones destroyed by winds last spring.  We invite you to come and bring your families and friends to the event.  Take a look around the farm and see how they do what they do.  There will be food and live music. There will also be volunteer opportunities at the event night if anyone wants to help with construction related projects.  They promised–nothing too dangerous. 🙂  Join us in making this an evening to share and celebrate our commitment to local food.


Jun 06, 2011

Fresh Greens from Jacob’s Cove to Heirloom Dining Rooms!

Pizzeria 712 and Communal guests have been enjoying fresh greens from Jacob’s Cove for the past several weeks and we’re just getting started.  Beet greens, Kale (a variety you won’t find many places) and more.  We’re enjoying the harvest and looking forward to so much more.  Word around the campfire is Jacob’s Cove heirloom tomatoes aren’t too far out.

Jacob’s Cove has expanded their CSA program this year so take a look at how you can enjoy a bountiful harvest of fresh, organic, heirloom produce while supporting a local farm.

What’s fresh in your spring garden?

~ photos by Alyssa Vincent

Written by:
Julie Dayley

Apr 19, 2011

Coming Soon to Pizzeria 712 and Communal

Spring has finally begun its arrival (we’re not complaining), and along with the teaser of warmer weather and plentiful rain come hints of new things in store for Heirloom Restaurant Group during this up-and-coming season. Anxious to find out when and what would be arriving for us, we did some searching to discover the latest and greatest; here is a bit of what we found.

East Farms (out of Layton, Utah) is where much of our produce comes from. Throughout the next few weeks and months this is who will be delivering to our restaurants bell peppers – green, red, and yellow – as well summer squash, asparagus, cucumbers, peas, green onions, eggplant and more.

As for Clifford Farms, we always have them to thank for greens: butter lettuce, watercress, arugula and more. In the past butter lettuce has been used for salads, and basically speaks for itself. Creamy, crunchy, full of flavor and texture, it is a delicious and a beautiful plant. Watercress has been the latest addition to Pizzeria 712’s mozzarella salad, alongside pickled radishes, breadcrumbs, and salsa verde. And Clifford Farm’s arugula has oftentimes been used in more than one dish on the menu at a time – we can’t get enough of it.

Then, of course, there is Jacob’s Cove, who provides Heirloom Group with many varieties of tomatoes. Not just any tomatoes – probably the best we’ve ever had. Dale Allred has spent many years breeding one-of-a-kind tomatoes and has successfully produced a large selection; all perfectly sized, shaped, colored, flavored, and textured. We hardly have the patience to wait.

The beauty of our local heirloom harvest to come

Thankfully, none of us will have to be waiting much longer. We’ll continue to keep you posted on all fresh additions to the menu.  What will be growing in your garden this year?

Jan 05, 2011

Are You Paying The “Convenience Tax”?

Check out today’s post on the Jacob’s Cove blog regarding the cost of convenience packaging … particularly with spices. Very wise advice.

Purchasing in bulk is a great way to save money on non-perishable food. The savings can help offset the sometimes higher prices of local, sustainably produced dairy, eggs, meat and produce.

Do you have any local sources of food you can recommend?  How about bulk buying tips?

Aug 15, 2010

Jacob’s Cove Tweets.

If you are interested in getting a daily update about Jacob’s Cove farm via twitter, please follow @jacobscove.

Jul 27, 2010

Dinner at Jacob’s Cove.

We want to thank everyone who came out and supported Dale. The night was a huge success and so much fun. Good food and good friends were made. What more can we ask for?

Jul 21, 2010


Just a reminder to get your tickets to the Jacob’s Cove Dinner Club. It will be held at the farm. The address is 1526 south Geneva road in Orem. July 26th at 6:30 pm. $5 a person if paid in advance and $10 at the farm. Advance payments can be taken at either P712 or Communal over the phone or in person.

Jul 11, 2010

Awareness Raiser at Jacob’s Cove.

We will be heading over to the farm at Jacob’s Cove this month for the Pizzeria’s Dinner Club. It will be July 26th at 6:30 pm. $5 a person if paid in advance and $10 at the farm. Advance payments can be taken at either P712 or Communal over the phone or in person. We will be serving wood fired pizza as well as some lovely salads and other such delicious things. It will be set up as a mix and mingle more than a sit down affair and Dale will be on hand to share his vision with all who would like to hear.

Please come and support our local farmer. See you soon!

Jul 08, 2010

Please help.

We have an urgent need to help out our good friend Dale Allred from Jacob’s Cove. Suffice it to say he needs some cold hard cash to continue into the next phase of his farm. It is certainly in all of our best interests that he is successful in this venture. He has turned this..

into this..

In November 2009 Dale Allred moved his family to a home on 8 acres with a vision to create a farm. This farm would produce the best tasting local, organic vegetables in Utah. It would serve the community and be built with help from the community. The question was: Did the community want it?

We want it. Do you? If so you can buy a founder share and eat his delicious fresh, organic, and LOCAL foods for the rest of your life. Click here for more information on how to help or just to learn more about the farm.

Oct 16, 2009

CSA (community supported agriculture)

Our good friend and farmer Dale Allred from Jacob’s Cove is getting ready to do a CSA. If you are not familiar with what this is, it is essentially a partnership between a given farmer and their customers. The customers pay a fixed amount upfront for a “share”. Then, depending on the agreed upon length those customers get a box of whatever is growing each week. It provides the farmers with a stable income and provides the customers with beautiful produce every week and usually turns out to be less expensive than what is available at a grocery store. And obviously much better quality and taste. If you are interested in more information or to sign up please visit this link..